Monday, 8 September 2008

Ibis and Desert Rose

The ibis is made of soapstone.
Desert rose is the name given to rosette formations of gypsum (gesso) and barite, with sand inclusions.
Both brought from the Atlas chain, in Marocco.

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Anonymous said...

I just scrolled down and looked at most of your postings on this one page and was astonished at the clarity and quality of those I saw. Your work is excellent and I am hoping more people can get exposed to it.

I liked the soapstone carving as it reminds me, somewhat, of Native American peace pipe-type carvings and other carvings I have seen. I have a tutle carved or chipped out of flint which is very hard stuff as you probably know but someone took the time to make it. A very nice find for an amateur arrowhead hunter.

I can't walk much now so those days are over.

Thanks for your visits to my blog.